Wikileaks: Anti-Trump Group Releases $5M to Fund Anakbayan, other PH Militant Groups to Join “Anti-Trump Protests”

The famous whistle-blower website Wikileaks says it is holding a dozen of email documents detailing how Philippine activists-for-hire are being funded by American Democrats. One of the document specifies Anakbayan Militant Party List as one of the identified beneficiaries.

The same day Trump declared as winner, several students from the University of the Philippines (UP) were joined by members of Anakbayan denouncing Trump’s victory in front of US Embassy.

Although the protest was held in the Philippines, Trump’s political opponents are flexing their muscles to use all possible ways to convince America and the world that Hillary Clinton is the real winner based on popular votes, and not Donald Trump.

Clinton won in popular votes with more than half a million lead while Trump won in electoral votes by a very large margin.

The report said $5 million dollar is appropriated for “paid Filipino militants” who are willing to sell their principles and ideology just for money.

There was no information on how the $5 million is to be divided, but local militant groups are rejoicing after knowing that their effort are bearing fruits regardless of the outcome.

It is expected that local militant organizers will be making millions of pesos from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and a chance to set foot in American soil for free while Obama is still the sitting US president.

Wikileaks also dubbed UP as “the school of activism”, hence most activists are coming from the said university. /Tim Cabrera/facebook-share

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