Why Miss PH Earth Imelda Schweighart Should Consider Working as Call Center Agent

Miss Philippines Earth 2016 Imelda Schweighart is on hot seat following her “ignorant” comment about President Duterte, but the half-Pinay beauty queen could actually learn how to face the world if she consider working as a call center agent.

It is not clear whether Schweighart hate Social Studies subject during her school days, or she is just lazy reading news that could improve her knowledge on general interests and current events.

Anyhow, it was evident that the reigning Miss Philippines Earth has lack of understanding and knowledge about his father’s country (whether Austria or Germany).

When she apologized later, her excuse was somehow unacceptable.

“You know they don’t understand how we connect, me and (Miss Austria). So that joke was so fast. It’s not even a joke, I mean…” Schweighart said.

She said that people (Filipinos and netizens) don’t understand how she and Miss Austria connect, but the fact is, it’s just her who don’t know how to connect with her counterpart. She doesn’t even have just a little clue that mentioning Hitler and Nazi in Germany or Austria  is like a taboo.

Anyway, let’s forget her mistake for a while and give the Miss Philippines Earth some suggestions on how she can improve her knowledge towards dealing with foreign people – especially in her position as one of the world’s ambassadors.

Why Imelda Schweighart should consider working as a call center agent?

1. Call center agents are trained to read and read and read news and current events daily so they can cope-up with the current situations in their customer’s native land. It is hard to help a customer when you have no clue what is going around him.

2. Call center agents are prohibited in discussing about politics, religion, dark history, and any other topics that could trigger arguments, or topics that sounds offensive to someone or to some group f people. Schweighart definitely failed on this one.

3. Call center agents are trained to handle difficult people in the most difficult situations. They are trained to handle irate customers and deescalate serious problems that could affect the company’s interests. Schweighart did not protect this country’s interests and its people.

4. Schweighart has a lot to learn about things in real life, and being a call center agent is the best job for her to learn.

There were lots of topics Schweighart can discuss about with Miss Austria, but since her knowledge is limited, she opened an easy but disastrous topic.

No Filipino wishes Schweighart to lose, but in whether she win or lose, she should consider the above suggestions, not for this country, but for her own good. /Leila Zapanta/


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