Why Aiza Seguerra Will Campaign for Duterte for Free

Former child star, singer, actor, and entertainer Aiza Seguerra broke silence when she announced Thursday that she will campaign for Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for free.

Sueguerra is among top celebrities who endorses Duterte and promised to campaign for him for free. The first to announce his support was Robin Padilla several weeks ago.

“But of course I am very much for Duterte. I haven’t started yet, but I will focus all of my efforts to campaign for him (Duterte), Seguerra told Pep.ph.

According to the “Princess in the Palace” actor, she will be doing it voluntarily.

“Voluntary because for me, if a candidate pays me to campaign for him/her, it’s just like I am selling my rights and principles. I don’t like that,” Seguerra explained.

Why Duterte?

Among five candidates who are running for president, the actor explained why she is for Duterte.

“Because I feel the sincerity, and his track record says it all. He is not “trapo”, He is really here to help the country. I feel his passion to make this country right. I believe, he is the leader that all of us want”, Sequerra explained.

The actor also questioned the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of Grace Poe, saying the senator has just six months Philippine residency.

“I don’t have any issue with her birth place. I’m just concerned about her residency”, Aiza said about Grace Poe.

The actor said she will start to campaign for Duterte with her close friends, family members, and friends.


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