Watch: Leni Robredo Impersonator Takes Internet By Storm

The Facebook video of vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo’s impersonator which was taken during UP Samaskom’s live A.I.D.S. has been spreading in the social media like wildfire as it has garnered about 17,000 likes and more than 23,000 shares giving birth to an online sensation.

Now that the 2016 National Elections is fast approaching, comedy shows have found it fitting to use political candidates as subjects. This year’s UP Samaskom’s comedy variety show Ang Istoryang Dinebelop ng Samaskom (AIDS) makes use of the same and has even used the controversies of the election in ‘HA-LOL-AN 2016”.

Standing out from the crowd is Joierie Ann Pacumio who impersonated Leni Robredo. She has this resemblance with the representative matched up with her wit which has concocted a wowing performance. She is praised for her work and netizens who saw the viral video became her instant fans.

Pacumio started her part right and have made the audience blurt with laughter as she lets out her opening line, “Kahiyahiya man pong aminin, hindi ko po nasimulan ang palabas dahil and bus pong nasakyan ko ay Cubao ibabaw.”

The line is partly true though as representative Leni Robredo usually take public transportation from Naga to Manila and vice versa. She was even praised by people for doing so instead of riding a private vehicle or a plane to fly to her hometown. According to Robedo, this is her way to maintain her core values.

Robredo, when asked of the act always answers the media with, “It is important for me to see myself on the same level with the ordinary people. Once I see myself higher than them, that will be my downfall”. As the election comes closer, Robredo tops latest surveys.

If you are in for a good laugh and to probably break the tension over election issues, this video will truly lighten up your mood. /Dennis Castro/


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