Watch: Duterte Silences British Journo, Gains Praise from International Community

Video clip of CNN Philippines showing how President Rodrigo Duterte answers a British journalist has gone viral, harvesting more than 30 thousands praises from both Filipinos and foreign nationals.

The unnamed journalist asked the president about the extrajudicial killing, and the latter answered directly, making the journalist tight-lipped in the end.

Duterte asked why the foreign media criticize his actions, while letting go of US killings of black people, and the massive chaos in the Middle East.

The video gained more than 30 thousand comments mostly praising Duterte’s answer. Some nationalities like Indians, Nigerians, Bruneian, Singaporeans, Africans, Europeans, British, and even Americans said he wanted Duterte as their presidents.

Read below some of the comments picked from the Facebook video posted by CNN Philippines.

The list goes on… watch the video below…


Facebook Comments
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