Watch How Duterte and Bongbong Cheated in Hong Kong: Election Fraud Officially Starts

Some Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) voters in Hong Kong are complaining that the name of the candidates on the receipt they receive after casting their votes are not the same as what they indicated in their ballots.

Other voters are saying that they receive blank receipts, and that the candidates they voted does not appear on their receipt.

“I voted for Mayor Duterte and Bongbong, but both did not appear on the receipt. The election officer told me I incorrectly marked the ballot. I don’t understand,” OFW Maristella Padua said.

COMELEC Commissioner Arthur Lim said they are not aware about the incident and he is also doubt if this can actually happen.

“I voted for three senators, only one appeared correctly while the other two were not the ones I vote,” Tirso Magbanua said.

Other voters also complained that their names were not included in the master lists of voters.

Sixteen OFWs said they voted for Duterte but the presidential bet’s name did not appear on their receipts. On the other hand, another 12 voters said they listed Bongbong Marcos’ name on their ballots, but the senator’s name did not appear on their receipts. Two voters said the same thing about their voted president Mirriam Defensor Santiago.

In a video report published by GMA News, more than 250 voters in Hong Kong and another 450 voters in San Francisco, California did not find their names in voters’ master list provided by the COMELEC.

Critics of the Aquino administration said that the lost names could be used and counted in favor of LP standard bearers Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo, or can also be added to Grace Poe and Escudero.

Both Duterte and Marcos lead in latest surveys conducted by different organizations and firms. On his part, Pres. Aquino earlier vowed to do everything to block Marcos Jr. from returning to Malacañang as vice president.

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“This could be the dirtiest elections in the Philippine history if President Aquino purse his plan to do everything to block Bongbong  Marcos from winning the elections despite people’s overwhelming support”, political analyst and sociology professor Atty. Narciso Nakpil said. /Laura Medina/


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