Warning: Imported Tomatoes from China Has Formalin


Tomatoes from China have the same color, shape, and appearance.

The Tanauan City Health Office has warned people from buying imported tomatoes from China after it found out that tomatoes being sold in the City’s public market are saturated with formalin.

Dr. Delilah Tamayo asked the office of the market administrator to remove all imported tomatoes from Tanauan City public market on Wednesday.

Imported tomatoes have dark red color and uniform in color and sizes, unlike locally-grown tomatoes that are assorted in colors and sizes.

On Monday, more than a dozen of Tanauan City residents suffered stomach ache.  Investigation shows all patients had consumed food with imported tomatoes.

After further analysis of few tomatoes, they found out that the fruits were preserved using industrial-grade formalin, a fatal chemical used in embalming corpse.

Authorities are now checking other fruit products from China, especially the onions and garlic.

Imported products from China are much cheaper compared to locally-grown products like tomatoes and other food ingredients.


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