Unidentified Meat Found Inside Canned Corned Beef?

Photos of nasty-looking meat was found inside a supposed to be canned corned beef with a Young’s Town brand.

In a Facebook post by Kath Santos Paras, she detailed what she found to be a weird experience with the said corned beef brand.

The photos became viral, but no one was able to identify what part of cow’s body is the said meat.

Kanina Lang mag gigisa sana aq ng corned beef..kaso ng buksan qna ung lata ng #youngstown corned beef,eto ung nkita…

Posted by Kath Santos Paras on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Young’s Town was a popular brand of canned sardines way back years ago, but complains against the company when a number of spoiled canned sardines was reported made the company shift and add other products.

The strange corned beef is another thing that is hard to explain. The post is becoming the talk of town over social media since it was posted several days ago.


What do you think of this meat? Can you identify what part of cow is this?

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