Trump to Seek Duterte’s Advice on Peaceful Dealing with China

President Rodrigo Duterte is soon to be the world’s biggest mediator after US President-elect Donald Trump said that he will seek the former’s advice on how to deal with China without the use of military force.

On Wednesday, Trump’s spokesperson and incoming Press Secretary Nathan Gallagher told the Boston Globe that President-elect Trump will ask President Duterte’s advice on how to deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“President-elect Trump believes that President Duterte can be a big help in closing the gaps between the United States and China.  There are no other people close to both US and China but President Duterte”, Gallagher said.

Trump will be sending a formal invitation to Duterte after the New Year, and plan to discuss the matter during the latter’s visit to White House, the report said.

“President Duterte’s calculated and successful pivot to China resulted to a very good relationship between two countries, and the United States is aiming the same. Unlike his predecessor, President-elect Trump will focus on diplomacy rather than military”, Gallagher added.

China holds more than $3 trillion in US treasury bonds and holder of America’s biggest debt, but the two countries have been in bitter relationship since Obama first took office on 2008.

“The world needs peace and not war, and that is what President-elect Trump want to accomplish”, Gallagher said. /Yoko Medusa/

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