Surprising and More Dramatic Plot of Train to Busan 2 Leaked

Fans of of South Korean blockbuster zombie film Train to Busan were given a 10-minute sneak peak of its sequel, Train to Busan 2, before it was taken offline after 24 hours of showing yesterday. Lucky viewers can now share what will happen in the sequel and we are lucky we are among of them.

Although there was no way to download or record the highly-protected 10-minute clip, I am going to tell you a little bit about the summary to give you an idea about the plot.

All main characters on part 1 except for the train driver were shown, but most of them  appear near the end of the film.  Soo-an, the child is the main character in the sequel.

Plot Summary

Upon Sung-kyung and Soo-an’s arrival at the border, they were quarantined and isolated. There were attended by several doctors and scientists, including the unnamed mother of Soo-an. It was revealed that Soo-an’s mother, a scientist and one of those responsible for the plague,  left her father (Gong-yo) because she already knew what will happen.

Several years later, Soo-an became a scientist together with Sung-kyung child (unborn on first part). They spent years of study and research on how to make an antidote and finally discovered a cure.

Normal people are living inside a highly fortified city while zombies are still roaming outside. The zombies did not multiply nor getting old.

The authorities did everything to isolate the zombies in separate walled area and helicopters showered antidotes to zombies, ultimately curing them all.

After the zombies were cured, Soo-an looked for his father everywhere and finally found him, reuniting with her grandmother as well.

It was also revealed that the old homeless man in part 1 was the father of Soo-an’s mother.

The two students on part two reunited and became sweethearts.

Sung-kyung and her husband, together with their scientist child reunited. The two old sisters reunited as well.

While Gong-yo and Soo-an approaches the fortified wall to reunite with his wife, one more zombie was still alive. Young-gook – the main antagonist in  part 1 was still alive. Gong-yoo fought and the two fell in deep hole. The film ends suggesting it has a part 3.

Train to Busan part 2 focuses mainly on survival, dedication to achieve something, and reconciliation. /Sonny Ebron/



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