Shocking Video Reveals Robredo’s Real Intention as VP

Vice President Maria Leonor Robredo is on hot seat again after a video of her saying inappropriate words about her position went viral.

The video was said to be taken on in Pennsylvania, USA in seems to be a press conference.

Although what Robredo has said was true, netizens believe her words were inappropriate and extremely offensive.

Transcript of the video says:

“If you are familiar with our constitution, if you look at the constitution, the vice president doesn’t the real powers except to WAIT FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN TO THE PRESIDENT”

Robredo could have said it better like “The vice president doesn’t have real powers unless something happens to the president”.

The problem with her statement is the word “to wait”.

The big question is, why she has to wait? It’s like saying “the vice president is waiting for the president to die”.

Anyone who understands what she said on this video would really think that she is hoping that something would happen to President Duterte so she could be the president.

We are not creating rumors here. It’s the vice president who said it.

Leave a comment below on what you think about Leni Robredo’s statement. /Nico Bawa/


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