Shocking Truth Why These People Became Career Activists

Every person has his/her own DDS (Deepest Darkest Secrets), but these things are not secrets anymore when it revealed in public – especially for public figures like politicians and celebrities.

Activism in the Philippines is destructive rather than constructive. Activists are the main reasons why former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. declared Martial Law. Activism is the father of communism in the Philippines which until today is the major problem of rural businessmen – the NPA extortion activities.

The main reason why a person become an activist is simple – power and popularity.

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Let’s examine some of the most prominent activists in the Philippines and how they become what they are today.

Liza Masa

Masa was a member of House of Representatives representing Gabriela. She was a student activist during Martial Law. Masa, since her younger age wanted to become powerful, but because power was reserved only to rich and influential people, Masa decided to become activist to reach her dreams.

Her activeness lander her to several top positions in several activists organizations. Masa supports communism in the Philippines and was barred by US government from entering America. Today, Masa is appointed by Pres. Duterte Lead Convenor of National Anti-Poverty Commission – a position that seems does not function. Masa still short of her dreams to become powerful. She did not reach the Congress if not because of her left-wing group Gabriela.

Teodoro “Teddy” Casiño

Another prominent ambitious activist is Teddy Casiño. Casiño ran for senate twice but failed twice as the Filipino people do not vote opportunists like Teddy.

Casiño uses his influence in Bayan Muna to land himself to Congress, but his tenure as congressman was unproductive. Teddy criticizes whoever the President is.

Like Maza, Casiño saw being an activist as an easy way to enter politics. Because of lack of means, Casiño become a student leader during his college years, and eventually uses his influence to entered politics. Casiño also supports communism.

Renato Reyes Jr.

Renato Reyes Jr. is a portrait of failure.

Reyes entered activism during his college years and stop attending rallies after graduation Because Reyes always fail on job interviews and could not land a better job, he decided to return to activism to support his family.

Don’t be surprised if Reyes ran for Senate or Congress someday.

Risa Hontiveros

Hontiveros is a portrait of a failed Senator.

Hontiveros earlier claimed that she entered activism as early as six years old – she may have irresponsible parents for allowing their toddler to be an activist.

Just like other activists, Hontiveros uses her influence in activism to enter politics. If  Vice President Leni Robredo is the most disrespected VP, Risa Hontiveros might be the least respected Senator in Philippine History.

Satur Ocampo

Everyone knows who Satur Ocampo is – a communist leader who became a member of House of Representatives through party List system.

Ocampo, together with Joma Sison and Benigno Aquino Jr, wanted to steal power from Marcos.

Do you think activism is a good choice? Think first before the whole country disrespect you./Eldon Canlas/
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