Report: Davao City Market Vendor Warns Grace Poe Over Public Smoking

A local radio station in Davao City has reported that presidential candidate; Senator Grace Poe was approached by a market vendor and told to kill her cigarette because she was in public place.

On Wednesday, DXYR Davao reported that Julia Sembrano, a vendor in Davao City Public Market who sell dried fish approached one of Poe’s body guards and said she had something to say to the senator.  After the guard confirmed that Sembrano is not a threat, she was able to step closer to the senator.

“Mam bawal po dito magyosi, baka makita po kayo ng pulis”, Sembrano told Poe.

The report said, Poe immediately killed her smoke and threw the cigarette butt to the nearby trash can.

It was not clear if what Poe had said to the vendor, but the source said, the senator immediately went inside the building after a close encounter with the vendor.

Poe’s team was on Davao City on Wednesday as part of her nationwide campaign for president.

Poe’s smoking issue has been used by her political opponents recently against her.

The Ordinance No. 0367-12, Series of 2012, known as The New Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance was passed by the City Council last year and approved by Mayor Sara Duterte early this year. The said ordinance repealed inconsistent provisions of original comprehensive anti-smoking ordinance.

The original ordinance was authored by now presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Many prominent personalities including tourists had fell victim of the said ordinance, and many received penalty and punishment for smoking violation.

According to Duterte, the success of the implementation of the City’s anti-smoking ordinance is credited to local people, who always help the authorities in implementing the law, like what Julia Sembrano did.


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