Principal of School Where Duterte Cast His Vote Reportedly Receives Million-Peso Offers for the “Lucky Armchair”.

Some people call it “The Seat of Victory”, while others call it “Lucky Armchair”.

The decade-old armchair used by president-elect Mayor Rodrigo Duterte received widespread media attention after the Board of Election Inspectors did not allow other voters to use it after the mayor cast his vote.

The armchair was set aside and the school principal has decided to include it in Duterte’s historical run.

But the popularity of the armchair did not end after Duterte won based on partial and unofficial result.

On Friday the principal of Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School in Davao City, allegedly received six offers to buy the chair. The principal, who is an aunt of this writer, said the lowest offer was P25,000 while the highest was P1M. The principal said she was shocked to receive such offers, but reiterated that her school has no plan to sell the lucky chair.

“The armchair is a government property. We can’t just sell it to any private party. It is against the law. Besides, we have no plan to sell any part of Mayor Duterte’s history”, the principal said.

The principal did not mention any name of the people who offered to buy the chair, but said two of them are from powerful business conglomerates in the country.

The “Seat of Victory “has been transferred to the Principal’s Office for safe-keeping. /Janet Curaza – Davao City/


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