Panama Papers: Joma Sison Has Millions of Dollars in Cayman Islands

The government of The Netherlands has ordered exiled communist leader Jose Maria Sison to declare his assets hidden in his offshore accounts in Cayman Islands. The order followed after the controversial “Panama Papers” revealed that Sison allegedly owned several offshore accounts containing more than 120 million US dollars.

As published in Dutch newspaper Handelsblad, the Dutch government asked Sison to provide details of his accounts for taxation.

Although offshore accounts are used by wealthy individuals to hide their wealth, especially slush funds, the government insists that Sison must be properly taxed because he is an exile and does not enjoy the same benefits with the Dutch citizens.

Since Sison has no big business as a source of funds, parts of the money is believed to be remitted by the New People’s Army from their extortion and other illegal activities.

Businessmen and other individuals who support the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP-NPA) are also believed to be the source of funds.

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The Panama Papers gained controversy after it leaked hundreds of thousands of information about rich and powerful people around the world that have hidden wealth in offshore banks.

The Duterte administration has recently suspend the peace deal with the rebel group and the Philippine military has again declared an all-out war against the NPA. /Jurgen Vitschko – Copenhagen/

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