Open Letter to Aquino and Robredo: I will Live Forever to Witness Your Agony

An open letter from angry supporter of Sen. Bongbong Marcos has been making rounds online on Wednesday moring, several hours before it was taken down due to its somewhat offensive content towards the outgoing president, Benigno Aquino III, and leading vice presidential bet, Cong. Leni Robredo.

On a Facebook post originally posted by Juvy Marquez (claimed she is not the original author), the letter curses both politicians and slammed them over the current controversial counting of votes on VP race.

Earlier today, several political analysts told GMA Network that they are worried about the outcome of the VP race. One even asked “Why we just don’t let the people decide?” The analysts did not mention who is referring to, but we can assume that it was Pres. Aquino.

The following is the copy of an open letter.

Open Letter to Aquino and Robredo: I will Live Forever to Witness Your Agony

The current election results prove how greedy and hungry of power you are indeed. The apparent win of your pawn, Cong. Leni Robredo will solidify how evil you are. Why don’t just leave the Filipino people alone. Why you have to resort into cheating? Are you still not contented with your six years of failure? Why are you so afraid of Marcos that you even used the innocent Filipino people to get what you want? Are the funds of Yolanda that you spent lavishly in your failed campaign not enough?

Before the elections, you “ordered” the Filipino people not to vote for Marcos. Who are you to order such thing? It is the Filipino people who put you to where you are right now. Wala kang utang na loob!

Making Robredo a vice president won’t make you powerful again. As for Mrs. Robredo, you will go with your master to hell someday. Please don’t appear on television again as the people don’t want to see a thorn that almost come out of your forehead. No wonder why you are so confident enough to win despite of your empty rallies during your campaign sorties. It is fixed and you can’t deny it. Are you not feel sorry for your children for having a mother who’s greed is beyond compare?.

You are interrupting the country’s real change. You are sabotaging this nation’s progress. Your use of Yolanda funds in your campaign bazaar will hunt you someday.

Marcos is the real winner as he is the one whom people have selected. Taking a win from him is like taking life of Filipino people. You are nothing but a loser hiding inside the evil’s cloak of yellow cult. Why just don’t rot in hell together with Aquino?

I will live forever to witness your agony.


Sen. Marcos is still behind by more than 200,000 votes as of this time, and many believed, including some of Duterte-Cayetano supporters, that the administration has rigged the results on vice presidential race. /Cris Rosal/


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