OFW Group Urges Duterte to Appoint Bongbong Marcos as Chief of New OFW Agency

A group of Overseas Filipino Workers in Middle East is asking President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, to make Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., the chief of the planned new government agency for intended for OFWs.

Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte said he will create a separate department for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

In a press conference in Davao City, two days after the elections, Duterte said he will be creating a Department of Overseas Workers, which may be housed in the Post Office building in Manila.

OFW Global Movement (OGM) is asking the incoming president to consider their suggestion.

“Bongbong is the best person to take care of the OFWs because he perfectly knows how to handle our problems. This is the reason why he won by landslide on Overseas Absentee Voting,” OGM representative Maritess Gulmatico said on Monday during the press briefing in Doha.

Marcos is barred from holding any higher public office until the end of this year, but Gulmatico said they are willing to wait for the senator.

“We support Bongbong not because we are Marcos loyalists. Many of us are not. We support him because of his ability and experience in dealing with our problems., There is no other person who can deal with OFW’s problems than Bongbong”, Gulmatico added.

Marcos lost to Leni Robredo in one of the most controversial national elections on May 9, but the former’s camp is expected to file a formal election protest on Commission on Elections before June 30.

Robredo on the other hand is in odd situation after her party (Liberal Party), failed to submit SOCE (Statement of Contributions and Expenditures) before the deadline. /Rowena Silvestre – Quezon City/


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