NPA Leader Sells Guns to Support Duterte’s Campaign, Vows to Surrender if Mayor Wins

A high ranking officer of New People’s Army (NPA) and three of his subordinates in Negros Island Region (NIR) sold their guns in order to contribute to Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign.

In an interview with DYXB – Bacolod, the man identified himself as Ka Greg told anchorman Jun Polieta that his group believes only Duterte can bring peace to the country. Ka Greg also promised to surrender if the mayor becomes the president of the Philippines.

Ka Greg asked Polieta not to air his real name to avoid repercussions from his superiors, said the total amount the four of them has donated to Duterte’s local campaign organizers was P145,000 pesos. The amount he said was big part of selling four high-powered rifles.

When asked if the entire amount from selling the arms was handed to campaign organizers, Ka Greg said they only took ten thousands pesos each –  good for their family’s needs until Duterte wins on May elections.

Ka Greg said they sold two units of M16 rifles with six fully-loaded magazines, and two M14 rifles with eight fully-loaded magazines with a total amount of one hundred eighty five thousand pesos. He did not reveal the buyer but said it was a well-known businessman in Bacolod City who will use the guns to protect his business interests.

Ga pati gid kami nga si Mayor Duterte lang gid ang makapabag-o sa Pilipinas. Kami sa grupo ko sa Propaganda Organizing Team (POT) handa nga mag surrender matapos maideklara nga president si mayor Duterte

(We believe that only Mayor Duterte can bring real change to the Philippines. We in my group in Propaganda Organizing Team (POT) are ready to surrender after mayor Duterte is declared as president of the Philippines), Ka Greg said.

Ka Greg, a high ranking official in NPA’s POT group believes that more members of New People’s Army will surrender if Duterte wins and if his government is ready to give them aid to live a normal life.

It was reported earlier that the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) also supports and even endorses Duterte.

Duterte was in Bacolod City on Tuesday during his campaign sortie which was attended by no less than twenty thousand solid supporters. Duterte’s local campaign organizers in the island refused to comment about the said voluntary donation.

“I stopped shortly in the capital yesterday to witness Mayor Duterte’s campaign, but I was extremely lucky and was close enough to have a handshake with him. My heart was overflowing with emotions. I thought my tears fell…,” ka Greg added.

/Arnel Jonota – Bacolod City/


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