MyPhone Hits Record Sale After the Company Officially Endorses Duterte

Philippine mobile phone company MyPhone never expected that its endorsement of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte would result in massive sales in just 12 hours after it’s CEO said he will support the mayor.

MyPhone senior marketing officer Diana Jane Hernandez said her office has been very busy receiving calls from their retail stores and dealerships nationwide as early as 7:00PM on Tuesday asking for more stocks of any model.

Hernandez said three of their stores in Quezon City were advised to close today (Wednesday) because there is nothing more to sell while people lining-up outside to buy.

“We were shocked and wondered what happened, but when we checked Facebook, it was our CEO’s endorsement of Mayor Duterte that made our sales went up by more than 1,000% compared to the last 12 hours. In just 12 hours, our retails stores nationwide sold more or less 16,000 units. This company never experienced such increase of sales before and this is historical”, Hernandez said.

Hernandez added that they expect more sales until the elections especially during paydays and weekends.

“I think mayor Duterte has already helped our business and our employees even before he assume the office of the president”, Hernandez added.

On Tuesday, Myphone Chairman and CEO Mr. David Lim released an official statement supporting Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte. You can read his official statement at

On Facebook and Twitter, many Duterte supporters announced their support to MyPhone and said they will buy MyPhone products.


Duterte currently leads in all pre-election polls, while Marcos Jr. leads in VP polls.


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