Must Read: Viral Student’s Version of “DU30 Story” Reveals Some Facts About the Mayor

Facebook user and UP-Cebu student Erica Jean Palmera posted her experience meeting with the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte last year before Christmas. The post went viral and has been shared more than 3,000 times in just 2 days after it was posted.

In her story, Palmera revealed some facts about the mayor that most of his supporters will appreciate.

The following is the whole and unedited post of Palmera.

Our ‪#‎DU30 story

It was not *that* difficult to request for a 30-minute interview with him. We sent our first 4 thesis chapters almost 2 months ahead which meant we had to be VERY advanced in class. We also sent our profiles for background check knowing how security can be very tight. We got our first rejection from his secretary who said he can’t forward it since the proposed date was a week before Christmas. We pleaded that he still forward it to Mayor and let him decide. We got our yes!

We were inserted between a meeting with a governor and his attendance to the AFP/PNP Christmas Party, but the 30-minute interview was extended to another hour (by him), and here’s what we learned from that enriching experience:

  1. He’s the first Bisaya mayor of Davao City. The city was once governed by feudal lords from Luzon who had no interest on the welfare of locals.
  2. Almost half of his grandchildren are Muslims. No wonder he’s the only one among the presidentiables who understands the plight of the Moros.
  3. “Media portrays me sometimes badly.” Accdg to Mayor, Zabriskie, the writer who started to call him “The Punisher”, interviewed him for an article on Mindanao being a troubled land. He was shocked when the write-up turned out to be mostly about him. Media ethics, anyone?
  4. There is this concept of sidewalk sharing in Davao City. 1/3 for vendors, 2/3 for pedestrians.
  5. Most “only in Davao” laws implemented were inspired by his Mom’s house rules
    a. Smoking ban
    b. Firecracker ban
    c. Midnight curfew for nightclubs and bars (“Sabi ng nanay ko, mag-inom tayo pero matulog tayo nang maaga.”)😆
  6. The “girlfriends” are a myth. “Biro lang yun. You have to concede to me a certain amount of humor.”

This all happened before the presidency chaos. I could add more to this list to show you how he is just like the rest of us, or even better. When asked how his leadership is different from the rest, he didn’t say “walang rape, walang massacre, etc” (like what his extreme supporters are banking on) but he just said

“I take my oath seriously. I don’t even use the word ‘official’. I’m just a government employee doing what I’m supposed to do – protect public interest, maintain order.”

How about you? How raw and real is your president?

Bonus: His favorite actress is Demi Moore

P.S: We have video clips to support all mentioned above. Ask us a copy if you want.

According to her profile, Palmera is now studying in UP Cebu, but she was originally from Davao Oriental.

Whether the story is fabricated, the facts about Duterte remain the same. The meeting shows how simple a person the mayor is.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is now leading in polls while Sen. Bongbong Marcos leads as VP candidate in both SWS and Pulse Asia surveys.


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