Must Read: Open Letter to All Candidates Seeking Iglesia Ni Cristo Endorsement

An open letter dedicated to all candidates who believe in the alleged Iglesia Ni Cristo block voting and are seeking the sect’s endorsement have gone viral online. The letter written in Tagalog by “Mga Mapanuring Botante na Iglesia ni Cristo”, educates not only candidates, but also the voting Filipino population.

Before we read the letter below, we ask first ourselves. Does INC block voting really exists or just a myth? Does INC votes really matter and relevant?

A close look at the past candidates supported by the sect can really tell us whether it can influence or not.

INC support candidates not because of platform. They support candidates who are doing good in surveys. It’s like jumping into bandwagon, so that when a candidate wins, they take credit. In the most recent presidential poll, INC supported Aquino and Roxas who were both leading on surveys. But INC’s votes meant nothing when Binay won by a large margin.

Not known to many, INC has even its own dummy party list group (Alagad). Alagad is represented by a lawyer who is a member of INC. The sad thing is that, in 2007 national elections, Alagad got only 423,165 votes. Much worse in 2010 elections when the party list got just 207,708 votes (more than 50% decline). Are they going to pretend that they have more than 2 million votes to offer to Binay, Poe, or Roxas so that they can have a lobbying power if their endorsed candidate wins?

Now let’s go to the letter below. Take your time, read, understand, and share in order to educate your fellow Filipino.

The content below is borrowed from INC Silent No More Blog and is property of Mr. Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista. The letter below is not edited.



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