Must Read: Who Gives the “Most Influential” Award to Robredo?

The camp of Vice President Leni Robredo is rejoicing after the “most disrespected, most ignored” vice president received an award from people who really know nothing about the Philippines.

On Tuesday, August 23, a non government organization, Filipina Women’s Network (FWN) gave Robredo the “Most Influential Filipina Woman of the World” award in Cebu City.

Robredo received the award during the 13th Filipina Leadership Global Summit organized by the FWN in Cebu.

Robredo was also the keynote speaker of the summit.

She received the under the “Nicole Award Category.”

The “Nicole” award “honors Filipino women whose words, actions and activism inspire others to act and revolutionize society’s way of understanding traditional beliefs and customs, thus leaving behind a Filipino global imprint,” the FWN said.

In her speech at the summit, Robredo urged the FWN members to spread women empowerment to change the face of the society.

She said the Filipina of today is “more powerful, more accomplished, more emphatic and more socially aware than ever before.”

“We are not here to rule the world. We are about creating the world where despots and heroes are no longer needed, so that each one of us can be a hero,” she said.

But who are the Filipina Women’s Network?

FWN, according to their website:

The Filipina Women’s Network is a San Francisco based non-profit professional organization for women of Philippine ancestry with members worldwide. We promote the social welfare of Filipina women and advocate for Filipina women’s rights.

FWN is not based on the Philippines having non-pure Filipina members, and knows nothing how the deceptive Robredo allegedly robbed the vice presidency from Bongbong Marcos.

The award holds no merit for most Filipino people who had their votes stolen from them.

On August 2, Thailand also awarded Robredo as a successful ASEAN woman leader – another nonsense award from people who knows nothing about the Philippines.

Even Robredo amassed all international awards; it will not change the fact that she robbed most of the Filipino voting population. These awards mean nothing to many of the Filipino people who knows what the reality inside this country is. /Sandra Capistrano/


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