Mayweather Promises Not to “Chicken Run” From Pacquiao if Rematch Happens

Watch out boxing fans, Mayweather is trying to steal Pacquiao away from Timothy Bradley rematch.

Many Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley are set to fight each other for a rematch on April 9, 2016, but Floyd Mayweather Jr. is trying to steal the show.

During earlier interviews, Mayweather told the media many times that he and Pacquiao are done with each other, and that, any future fight is not possible.

But in an interview with Jimmy Lennon III on Friday, Mayweather hinted the viewers when he said “I will never run around again like if I and Pacquiao meet again inside the ring. I will give him the best fight of his career”.

When asked why he avoided Pacquiao during their first fight, Mayweather said he was not too confident to stand in front of Pacquiao.

“I beat him not because I was the better fighter or the stronger, not the powerful one. I beat him because I was smarter than him. I have higher IQ than Pacquiao. He actually did, beat himself by following me around,” Mayweather said.

Dubbed as “Money Mayweather”, the superstar boxer is believed to be in financial trouble, and is looking for ways to get closer to Pacquiao for a possible rematch that could net millions of dollars again for both fighters.

“I will never watch the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight again. I don’t want to witness another fan-robbery fight again, never,” boxing fan Leny Torino told Lennon.


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