Marcos Losing: It All Started When Transmission of ERs Slowed Down

A quick analysis of the trend shows this election is making the Philippines a laughing stock of the world. It is very obvious; Pres. Aquino exhausted his resources to have a last hold by making Robredo a vice president, instead of the people’s choice, Sen. Bongbong Marcos Jr.

Marcos was leading by a little less than 1 million, with 9 million votes at around 9:00PM. The COMELEC announced that there will be a slow process on transmission because of connection, Internet, etc problems. When the transmission started slowing down, it was then that Robredo started to take Marcos’ lead gradually.

With 9 million votes at around 9PM, and with 900,000 lead, Marcos is seeing his lead taking away from him, with most of Robredo’s votes coming from far South.

Based on our record, Marcos is losing around 30,000 votes per transmission. How come it was so consistent? None of the transmitted data had Marcos leading ever since Robredo started to take a lead. Isn’t it obvious?

Rigging Suspicion

Earlier today, reports surfaced that some VCMs were found inside a hotel owned by liberal Party bet Mar Roxas. The COMELEC, especially Andres Baustista visited the alleged machines, but found nothing, except for Smartmatic employees.

A source said the Smarmatic employees were given information before the COMELEC’s official visit; thus, they had time securing the machines.

The same source said that the result of the slow transmission is that, Smartmatic who stayed in that hotel are manipulating the results before it reach the transparency server shared to the media. In short, the election returns are being cooked somewhere else.

Aquino may be successful in blocking Marcos to enter the Malacañang Palace, but it will not change the fact that he will always be a loser by using Robredo as his pawn. The Filipino people already know he will do everything as what he said during the LPs campaign sorties.

The Philippines will never be a country as one as long as there is an Aquino controlling the government.  I totally lost respect of this woman from Bicol. /Eric Santamaria/


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