Manila Times Slams NY Times for Trying to Destabilize the Duterte Government

The Manila Times, the oldest Philippine newspaper has strongly criticized the news report of a certain Richard Paddock on New York Times, by spreading false report and fake news in an attempt to destabilize the Duterte government.

The Manila Times wrote:

The story is grandly titled “Becoming Duterte: The Making of a Philippine Strongman.” It is illustrated with full-color photos of various incidents in Duterte’s life.

It relates multiple stories about Duterte, and summarizes many of his outrageous statements and claims. It purports to quote some of DU30’s relatives and his acquaintances who agreed to be interviewed.

It levels at Duterte the charge that he sees himself as a killer-savior of the Philippines. Killing for him is the solution to key problems of the country.

Paddock writes of various killings in the country, some of which he says involved Duterte at the trigger. Yet whenever he has to substantiate an allegation he retreats by claiming that it is hard to prove. He cannot cite specific cases.

Typical is how he cites a sadistic story where Duterte allegedly throws a criminal suspect out of a helicopter, Paddock did not even supply his name.

Furthermore, former Ambassador Rigoberto Tiglao criticizes the piece written by a foreign reporter from a distant land.

“The article’s title itself reveals its extreme bias: “Becoming Rodrigo Duterte, Strongman in the Philippines”. That’s patently a fake news. ‘Strongman,’ as the NYT knows, is a “political leader who rules by force and runs a totalitarian regime.” Duterte certainly isn’t a dictator, and is a duly elected President. It is stretching it too much to claim that the saliva he spews in his verbal threats means he rules by force.”

Both the Malacañang and the local media who believe on fair and truthful journalism slam the NY Times for spreading false report that could affect not only the Philippines negatively, but to all Filipino people around the globe.

Bias report fabricated by paid journalists like Richard Paddock is the reason why corruption rule the world. /Ruel Cancio/
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