Live Poll Says 70% of Filipinos in Favor of Marcos’ Burial at LNMB

On August 16,2016,  Raffy Tulfo conducted a live survey through text on his afternoon show “Wanted sa Radyo”, and it turns out that majority of  the Filipino people are in favor of Marcos burial in Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNB).

Although the Supreme Court already released a hold order for the burial for 20 days, the overwhelming support of Marcos’ burial overshadowed the minority who are against it.

The poll which conducted within 30 minutes resulted to a 1,452 (69.47%) YES, and 638 (30.53%) NO.

Many callers said people keep on disagreeing with Marcoses without even knowing the real issue, while other callers who said YES urged other people to let go of the past and face the better future.

President Rodrigo Duterte is a close family friend of the Marcos Family, and vowed to bury Pres. Marcos at LNB. He said there is no illegality in doing so as the person was a WWII veteran and president.

Although the poll was participated by small number of respondents, there is no margin of error as it is done live, and represents the true voice of Filipinos from different walks of life. The result is unanimous and incontestable.


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