Lists of Companies/Industries that Pays Revolutionary Tax to CPP-NPA-NDF

The Communist Party of the Philippines cannot exist without extorting money from different companies and industries. The New People’s Army and militant Party List groups like BAYAN, Kilusang Magbubukid, Gabriela, and others are all funded by these revolutionary taxes according to surrendered NPA Commander Rodolfo Peligro.

Peligro, a high-ranking NPA official reveals where the funds are collected and how it is spent.

Businesses, especially in rural areas of the country have no choice but to pay revolutionary tax to avoid sabotage and possible closure.

In the month of February 2017 alone, more than P50M were lost due to rebel sabotage, especially in Mindanao where several heavy equipment were burned, 500 pigs were murdered, and other types of business sabotage. More than 5,000 people lost their jobs because their employers chose to close down their business instead of paying revolutionary tax.

These companies/industries are the usual victims of extortion by the New People’s Army (NPA)

Quarry Operators – NPA burn heavy equipment if operators refuse to pay

Sugarcane planters – in Negros Island, planters are forced to pay taxes or have their sugarcane and heavy equipment burned

Feed mills, rice mills, oil mills

Sugarmills – in Negros Occidental, several heavy equipment that costs millions of pesos were burned since late 80’s

Transport operators – unspecified number of buses have been burned since late 80 all over the country

Energy and Telecommunications Companies – many transmitters and energy powers have been burned down already

Construction companies – big construction companies lost several heavy equipment to NPA

Poultry and piggery farms – in Agusan, more than 500 pigs were slaughtered recently in Agusan because their owner refused to pay tax

Banana and pineapple planters – in Surigao, big banana plantation closed down last January; 5,000 people lost jobs

NPA also asks voluntary contributions from professionals and other small businessmen. Although voluntary, people are forced to give because they are feared of repercussions.

Peligro said that 18% of the tax collected by the NPA went to BAYAN (Bagong Alyansang Makabayan). BAYAN then distributed the fund to other smaller militant groups to fund their activities against the government, and to pay their leaders like Renato Reyes and others.

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The big part of the collected tax is sent to leader Joma Sison, while 25% is used to fund the operation of the NPA like foods, arms, and clothing.

Peligro also added that it will be difficult to convince the companies to stop giving revolutionary tax because they have no choice.

“The only remaining option is for the government and the AFP to totally destroy the NPA”, Peligro said. /Nathaniel Precilla/

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