Latest Survey Manipulated to Destroy Bongbong, Pollster Says

Liberal Party vice presidential bet Leni Robredo, jumps ahead of Sen. Bongbong Marcos in the recent SWS survey, but pollster said, the survey was rigged to boost Robredo’s ranking.

A pollster, who asked not to reveal his name and affiliation, told local media in Cebu City on Monday, that Aquino is losing hope on Roxas.  The Pollster said, Duterte and Marcos both have 2 digits lead in their final result, but his office wondered why the mainstream media released a different result.

“Wala tayong magagawa, utos ng nasa taas”, (We can’t do anything, the order came from above), said by their superior according to the pollster.

Duterte is hard to break, and Aquino has no other way to push Roxas that’s why they do everything to at least make Leni a vice”, the pollster said. He further added that results from April 8 to 15 made Leni ahead of Bongbong by 2%.

Pumasok lang a office ang PR man ng LP, nagbago na ang result after a while”, the source said. (The result have changed after LP PR man enter our office)

Aquino earlier said he will do everything to block Marcos from becoming a vice president. It is becoming clearer now what he means by “everything” Critics said he will resort to cheating to make Robredo a vice president.

Duterte and Marcos both endorsed by powerful religious group, Iglesia Ni Cristo, as announced in their circular on Wednesday after worship services around the country.

The pollster also doubts that the latest Pulse Asia where Leni was ahead by 2%, was also rigged.

Hindi na kami nagtataka sa office kasi ang totoo nyan, kung ilalabas talaga naming ang real result, ang laki talaga ng abante ni Duterte at Bongbong e. Kahit kelan at sino ang respondents, same result pa rin,” the pollster said.

(We are not wondering because, the truth is, if we release the real survey result, Duterte and Bongbong really has big leads. Anytime, any groups of respondents, the result is still the same). /Janice De Luna – Cebu City/


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