Lady Victimised by Budol Budol, Caught on Camera

A CCTV documenting a senior citizen victimized by “budol budol” gang was revealed following an incident of theft.

The victim was hidden by the name of Beth, 66-year old. According to her, more than 100 000 pesos worth of money, jewelries and gadgets were stolen from her by unknown individuals.

The incident happened in Sta Cruz, Manila where Beth was caught on cam just standing when a man wearing white polo approached her. The man claimed that he is one of Beth’s relatives and asked Beth to come with him. Just when they are about to ride the guy’s car, a woman came to ask them where she could rent a truck. The guy insisted on helping the lady.

The lady, on the other hand tried to get Beth’s sympathy while inside the car with her flowery words never knowing that the lady is already trying to steal items from her bag.

What was left of her inside her bag after alighting the vehicle are bundles of paper in exchange of her 40 000 worth of jewelries, 74 000 worth of cash and 13 000 worth of gadgets. Her loved ones have already reported the case and they are still waiting to know the identity of the suspects.

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