It’s True: Smartmatic Technician Speaks on Alleged Vote Manipulation in Hong Kong

A Smartmatic employee who was involved in programming of voting machines for the coming 2016 presidential elections has admitted that the “scandal” in Hong Kong absentee voting was pre-planned.

The unidentified software engineer told the OFW Global Movement (OGM) Secretary General Gerard Lapuz on Friday that the alleged vote manipulation in Hong Kong was planned before the Supreme Court ordered the COMELEC to issue voting receipt.

Actually matagal na syang plan kaso nabulilyaso dahil after na mag-order ang Supreme Court na mag-issue ng receipt, yong part na yon na huwag irecord ang certain percentage ng boto in favor of a certain candidate, din a nabago ang codes don sa part na yon. Kulang na kasi kami sa oras noon at nag-focus ang lahat ng programmers sa pag-program ng pag-iissue ng receipt. Last na lang naming narealize na makakasama pala sa receipt ang hindi pagbilang don sa mga boto kung kaya’t naging blank ang ibinoto nila,

“The plan was done before but it did not worked after the Supreme Court ordered to issue voting receipts. The programming part where the machine should not record the vote was not reprogrammed because we already ran out of time. All programmers were focused on issuing receipt, and the part where the machine would erase the votes was not reprogrammed. We only realized it later on when the machines issued receipts and the blank votes appeared on the receipt,” the technician said

The technician did not mention the name of the candidate to be favored, but opposition supporters are quick to assume it was Liberal Party bet former DILG secretary Mar Roxas.

A video of OFWs complaining that their votes were not recorded went viral earlier, but COMELEC said it was not aware of the issue.

The 2016 presidential elections is one of the hottest elections in recent memory, especially after Pres. Benigno Aquino III said he would do everything to block Bongbong Marcos from returning to Malacañang as vice president.

Rumors also surfaced that Aquino don’t care whether Roxas win or lose, instead, he was more concerned on Marcos winning the vice presidency.

Both Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos have been leading in all surveys by considerable margins. /Ramil Mangajas/ facebook-share

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