Must Read: LP’s Failed Plan on Digong Shifts to Bongbong

The camp of Davao City mayor and upcoming president, Rodrigo Duterte revealed that Pres. Aquino is losing hope on Mar Roxas, after more than a million supporters flocked to witness the final “miting de avance” of Duterte on Saturday.

Duterte’s source, an insider in LP said, the Aquino has ordered the party to shift and focus all of its resources on Bongbong Marcos.

On Friday, Marcos revealed that Aquino’s “Plan B” is to do everything to make Leni Robredo the next vice president. Duterte’s sources confirmed Marcos revelations on Saturday.

Although not party mates, Duterte and Marcos leads in the latest presidential and vice presidential surveys, and have been the target of the Aquino administration.

The insider said that since the surveys indicate that a Roxas victory is unlikely in a fair election, the LP strategists are considering manipulating the election results to favor Robredo. (This has already happened in OFW absentee voting. Marcos said his camp received reports about losing votes cast for him in Hong Kong, Dubai, Kuwait, Japan, and California. Bongbong mentioned an incident in California where a supporter voted for him, but a different name appeared on his vote receipt.)

Once Robredo is installed as vice president, the insiders said, the LP will orchestrate the ouster of Duterte as president by impeachment (Senator Trillanes has already started this), or through a carefully managed “people power” type of revolution instigated by LP leaders and Duterte’s rivals. It is also possible that some overzealous anti-Duterte forces may resort to extreme measures like arranging the “permanent disability” of Duterte..

Under a Robredo presidency, the LP can continue its wicked ways. In the end, therefore, what the Aquino administration cannot realize through Roxas, it will get through Robredo instead. That will be like reelecting President Aquino!

Some supporters of Duterte are calling other supporters to vote Bongbong Marcos instead of Cayetano to solidify the Senator’s chance.

The insiders also said that Cayetano is unlikely to win so Marcos should be pushed to avoid the Robredo win. “A Robredo win is disastrous  for all the Filipino people”, the insider said. /Bobby Soler/  Source: Various


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