Inquirer Calls Duterte’s Government “demonic forces”, Asks the President to Resign

In an excessive abuse of Freedom of the Press, Inquirer has called Duterte’s administration as “demonic forces” and urged the president to resign.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is a known Duterte critic, including its readers who refuse to accept real change.

Ted Liguatan, a known vocal supporter of Roxas and Robredo, iuses the power of media to deceive people through his personal rants.

The following is taken from his Inquirer column.

The world’s good and decent people should force President Duterte to resign. It’s also for his own good. I don’t hate Duterte. But I hate his terrible sins. For his own sake, I hope that he amends his evil ways and saves his soul as his days are numbered. No one is beyond redemption if he turns to our Lord Jesus Christ.

A terrible dark evil presence now engulfs the Philippines. We have a leader who is not leading our people to a better life. But a leader full of demons who brings death and sufferings to so many — and expresses vicious hostility to world leaders and other nations. Continue reading…

If people like Liguatan are the ones to be protected by Duterte’s first Administrative order (protecting journalists), then Philippine media will be a big laughing stock.

Anyhow, Liguatan is just a crying baby who lost his candy when his favorite candidates lost in Elections. /Abeb Zubiri/


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