Incidents of Dangerous Swerving Caught on Cam

Amateur videos capturing motorists’ dangerous acts while driving are running viral over the web. Concerned netizens managed to take these videos showing how other motorists are behaving on the road which may have been the reason for major violations and accidents.

The first video was taken in front of a mall in EDSA Ortigas. It can be clearly seen that the motorist tried to switch lanes without thinking about the consequences of its action. It nearly hit the SUV, an even bigger vehicle that may have caused a more serious road accident.

In the next video, an incident of reckless lane switching was caught on file video. The tandem riding the motorcycle dangerously switched lanes never minding the vehicles surrounding them. The most appalling thing about the video is the fact that the tandem was not using any helmet which is another violation.

The last video, on the other hand, shows a vehicle caught on cam trying to overtake certain vehicles. It is also striking to note that the vehicle is a bus which could have caused a major road accident. It could even have hit the vehicle where the hidden cam is.

MMDA operatives have been so keen in reminding the public about the dangers of swerving and switching lanes, however, they also have stressed that these are not road violations for as long as it does not constitute reckless driving. Swerving, switching lanes and not using signal lines only become violations when in a solid line.

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