Ilocano Muslims Threaten to Suicide Bomb Chinese Coast Guard Vessels in Response to Harassments

Members of a big Muslim fishing clan in Laog City threaten to suicide bomb any Chinese vessel that will try to block them in the West Philippine Sea, a Facebook post which is now disabled due to its violent content shortly became viral on Tuesday three hours after Facebook decided to take it down, said.

The message was posted by a certain Aamil Akbar Abbas, member of a prominent Muslim fishing clan in Laog City. Abbas said “the decision to go head to head with Chinese bully was out of desperation”.

Our livelihoods have been greatly affected since China started to prohibit us from fishing in our own fishing grounds. Our families and fellow Filipinos have suffered a lot. But instead of dying from hunger, it is better to die with pride. Thus, 15 strong men from my clan are ready to die protecting our families. We can show them what we can do if we are cornered. We cannot die from hunger.

Our brothers responded with stones last week, but next week will be a different story. We will throw something that can stop their harassment – and we are ready to die for this

The Facebook post became viral before someone reported it due to its threatening content. The poster’s account has since been disabled.

The post gained massive positive comments from Filipinos, blasting the government for lack of action.

On March 2, a Chinese coast guard vessel blocked Filipino fishermen from entering parts of Scarborough Shoal. It was reported later that the vessel rammed a Filipino fishing boat and an exchange of throwing of stones and empty bottles ensued. /Isabelle Mejica – Laog City/


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