ICCO: Haiyan Scandal is the Biggest Disaster Relief Scandal in History

The International Confederation of Charitable Organizations (ICCO-OXFAM) said that Haiyan-related corruption is the biggest disaster relief-related scandal in history. With more than $2.7B missing funds and undistributed relief goods, OXFAM called the incident “sadly embarrassing”.

OXFAM and World Health Organizations (WHO) consolidated report indicates that a bigger part of donated funds were lost in the hands of organizers and only a fraction of aid were distributed to the victims.

The following is the breakdown of donated funds based on WHO consolidated reports

$552 million US dollar cash (43.5 billion Pesos in current value) donated by different international governments including US (UK, CAN, CHINA, AUS, and others.

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$59 million US dollar cash (2.9 billion pesos in current value) donated by private sectors and charitable organizations including celebrities, Red Cross, NBA, and others.

$867 million US dollar (43.36 billion Pesos in current value) in relief aid and other goods donate by international government agencies and private sectors.

An estimated 3.7 billion pesos in cash and worth of aid and construction materials donated by local charitable organizations like churches, celebrities, and other local non-government organizations.

OXFAM reported that after six years, more than 5,000 families are still homeless but the remaining available fund is not enough to house these families.

The report also indicated based on collected evidence that around 25 billion pesos in cash were lost and untraceable, with more than 120 tons of relief goods (foods and clothing) were rotten and deemed unusable or inconsumable.

The report did not mention specific individual but blame the government of former President Benigno Aquino III as the masterminds in lambasting the said lost funds.

OXFAM called the scam as the biggest disaster-related scandal in recent history.

“The Philippines received bigger relief and pledge compared to japan and Haiti, both devastated by earthquake in the last 10 years, but both countries are 95% rehabilitated within five years due to local cooperation and wise spending by local authorities. The same cannot be said about the Philippines were more than 60% of donated funds were lost, and more than half of relief goods were rotten in storage facilities while leaving beneficiaries in cold and hungry”, WHO report said.

International Red Cross and other several organizations on the other hand have filed  graft and corruption charges against the three top ranking officials who were responsible for the lose of Haiyan/Yolanda funds.

Former President Benigno Aquino, former DILG secretary Mar Roxas, and former DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman are expected to face international scrutiny at The Hague in coming months./Leia Sancho/

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