Here’s How the Philippine Politicians Makes Money

ramon-revilla-pork-barrel-scam-privilege-speechWhen mall giant SM opened one of its stores in a highly-industrialized City in Southern Luzon on 2006, unverified reports said the Brgy. Captain where the mall is located became an instant millionaire. The same thing happened when Robinsons opened its store in the same city 2 years earlier.

Although the report was considered to be a rumor, the evidence was seen several years later. The said Brgy. Captain became a local tycoon having several high-profile businesses like construction and real estate.

A popular actress who served as the City’s mayor during those times reportedly amassed millions of pesos too.

Whether the report was true or not, think otherwise. Whenever there is a big business that is about to open in town, expect the local politicians pockets to swell.

It is not really hard to think how the Philippine politicians makes unimaginable amount of money, so let’s take a look at the following ways to make rich.

1. Abuse of Authority. In a small Brgy. In San Jose, Batangas, you cannot have a supply of water if you will not let the local people (who work under the corrupt Brgy. Captain) do the plumbing job. In short, you have to deal with the expensive labor cost because you have no choice.

2. Overprice Purchases of Government Supplies/services. Ask Mar Roxas how much is the cost of a single patrol jeep for PNP and he will tell you that it’s 1.8M. Corrupt politicians are making big in overpricing things paid by the government.

3. Rigged Contracts – Ask Binay about the cost of the Makati City Hall and how big money his family has made so far. The same can be said with the LRT contract, Smartmatic, etc. Politicians involved in these contracts made millions.

4. Blackmail / Extortion. In some worst case scenario, you cannot open a business sin a certain place if you will not give protection money to local politicians.>

5. Pocketing Government Budget . A simple way to do this is to have ghost employees, fake purchases, overpricing, and the like.

There are many other ways that a politician can make a big amount of money by using his authority.

In another case, a Brgy. Captain prohibits everyone from buying scraps from any company inside a Science Park. If you are an outsider, you must pay a hefty price in order to buy scraps from any company inside the said Science Park, because the Brgy. Captain control everything.

This is why the Philippines remain as one of the worst places to live in this world.


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