Here’s How Much Money Maine Mendoza Has Made from TV Commercials so Far

AGB Nielsen has released the lists of top TV commercial earners and it’s no wonder why Nicomaine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza came on first.

The famous half of Aldub beats prominent names in TV commercial and grossed millions of pesos in just four months from September to December, 2015.

Since September, Mendoza has appeared in a total of eleven solo commercials, and a stunning 24 others with Alden Richards. Mendoza also starred in another 7 commercials with other actors like Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola).

Mendoza and Richards (Aldub) has a combined gross of 164 million in just four months according to the research company.

“Big companies pay big bucks, and because Maine and Alden’s commercials are top products like McDonalds, Smart Talk N Text, Nestly, Green Cross, and others, the amount these companies are paying are hefty”, researcher Paul Ortiz said.

Maine Mendoza alone walked her way to the top of the lists that includes Mega Star Sharon Cuneta, Boxer Manny Pacquiao, Kris Aquino, Michael V, and her other half Alden Richards.

Mendoza has made an unimaginable 87,985,540 pesos from TV commercials alone. Her tax declaration will be bigger because these earnings does not include her TV show (Kalyeserye), and her My Bebe Love movies – which alone grossed more than 300 million.

Here’s an incomplete lists of her TV commercials that paid her heavy price

McDonalds – 2.6 million
Coca Cola – 2.5 million
Bear Brand (Nestle) – 2.3 million
Smart Talk N’ Text = 2.3 million
555 sardines – 1.9 million
Tide (Procter & Gamble) – 1.9 million
0+ Mobile Phone – 1.65 million
Eskinol – 1.6 million
Zonrox  (Green Cross) – 1.38 million
Downy – 1.29 million
Datu Puti – 1.2 million
Rejoice Shampoo – 1 million
Whisper – 1 million
Lady’s Choice – 1 million
Bingo biscuit – 900,000
CDO – 900,000

Maine Mendoza beat the Mega Star (81,569,450) by 6.6 million according to the research company AGB Nielsen.


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