After Grace Poe, Roxas’ Camp Caught Giving Away P1,000 to Voters

GMA Network News has reportedly caught organizers of Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas, handling away envelopes containing P1,000 to people who attended the event.

Roxas is the second presidential bet who reportedly caught buying votes, after Grace Poe’s supporters in Baguio complained about not receiving the promised P500.

According to Omnibus Election Code, giving money and even using government properties in favor of administration candidate is not allowed, but the Aquino administration seems disrespecting the law.

In a video report by GMA 7, organizers stopped distributing the envelopes after GMA reporter approached and asked them “what are the envelopes for?”.

It was discovered later that the envelopes contain P1,000.

Watch the video below.

The 2016 presidential election is considered to be one of the highly contested and hottest elections as the current administration seem to have no plan to step down by doing all to put his successor – Mar Roxas in his place.

The event was said to be a political gathering, but critics said it was the occasion where people are forced to sign and commit their votes to LP candidates, in return they will get P1,000. /Sally Salud/

Watch: Grace Poe camp did the same thing in Baguio last week


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