Former Napoles House Helper Now a Millionaire Negros Occidental

Glenda (not a real name) worked for Janet Napoles family for 11 years before the latter was arrested and thrown inside the jail on April 2015.

Glenda’s neighbor told DYHB Bacolod that she was a breadwinner while working in Manila as house helper. People in their small village of Isabela, Negros Occidental had no idea that Glenda’s employer was the infamous Napoles, until she went home “for good” last year.

“If her remittance were delayed, his father would ask me to send her a text message because they are worried here”, sari sari store owner and neighbor Leticia Solano told anchorman Ben Mercado of Radyo Agong.

According to Solano, Glenda visited home only once last 2019.

It was only last year when she went home that people in her village discovered that she was employed by Napoles, and she just lost her job because the former was arrested.

Bt after few months, her neighbors were surprised when Glenda purchased a 3.6-million house at Ayala North Point in Bacolod City.

“We were shocked. We thought she won the lotto. They moved to that house a month ago and she opened a beauty parlor in Bacolod”, Solano said.

“My daughter, who is her childhood friend, visited her shop last week. Leni told me she’s still the same and nothing has changed in her attitude. She told Leni that a lot of things were abandoned in Napoles’ house when police took the family”, Solano added.

Solano further said that Glenda and another older helper (mayordoma) from Eastern Samar were told by their employer to take home everything that has value. Glenda’s neighbor suspected that the two helpers found a lot of money inside the Napoles house and took it home.

A lady in her 40’s visited Glenda in their Isabela house before the family moved to Ayala subdivision according to Leticia, and their neighbors suspected that the lady was the other helper from Samar.

“I think they did right. If they reported the money to the police, it was the police who shared it. She worked for them for almost a decade and I think she can consider it a retirement fee”, Solano said.

/Antonio Salgado – Bacolod City/


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