Filipina Singing Group 4th Impact Signs $2 Million Record Deal with Columbia Records


4th Impact during UK XFactor Series. Image credit:

The Cercado girls from Santiago City are in cloud nine after American music giant Columbia Records offered the groups $2 million record deal for 3 albums.

The Filipina sisters and singing sensation 4th Impact is the first ever group, and the first ever artists from the Philippines to be offered with a multi-million dollar record deal by a foreign music recording company.

In an interview with the LA Times on Monday, one of the sisters, Almira revealed that Columbia Records contacted then last year after the UK XFactor was concluded, but told the paper that they had to wait several months because they were still bound with XFactor’s contract.

Almira added that signing of contract was done last week, but both parties agreed to keep it from the media until the signing was over.

The contract, which costs $2 million, includes 2 studio albums, and a six-month tour in North America and Europe.

Many producers and song-writers were invited by the company to help the group according to Miss Cercado, but they have yet to decide who to select.

Filipino-American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars earlier showed interest in writing for the 4th Impact the moment they are lucky to land a record deal in US, and that plan could possibly be materialized according to Almira.

When asked why they picked Columbia Records out of the 5 records labels that were interested to sign them, Almira said they knew some people from the company who are willing to help them.

The 4th Impact, also known previously as 4th Power will release their first album under Columbia Records on February, 2017.


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