Why Duterte is Wrong in Dealing with CPP-NPA

I voted for Duterte and support his war on drugs. But his handling of the New People’s Army is unacceptable.

When DOLE-Stanfilco closed its operation in Surigao del Sur last August, 1,500 workers from the relatively poor province lost their jobs. The closure was caused by continuous attacks of the New People’s Army as the company’s management refuses to pay revolutionary tax.

The workers stated mass protest condemning the actions of the NPA.

The extortion activity of the New People’s Army especially in Region 11 where the group is most active is making companies lost more than 300 million pesos every month according to Transparency National.

But President Rodrigo Duterte in one of his earlier speeches, he said “NPA taxation a reality, just pay them”.

What the president didn’t realize that this terrorist group is more vulnerable than drug lords in his war on drugs. NPA is some other provinces had weakened so why the government can’t totally eliminate them?

Instead of giving cabinet positions, Duterte, as the most powerful man in the Philippines should end the regime of these evils that are sucking the country dry. NPA is the main reason why businesses in provinces are progressing slowly. The DOLE-Stanfilco incident is just one case and the president should open his eyes and ears and destroy these terrorists.

Pres. Duterte should read and learn a lesson from Eric Lorenzo’s Open Letter to Joma Sison.

Duterte declare a harsh war against drug pushers and addicts but we can’t do the same against demons who have been sabotaging the economy for decades?

Towns and cities in the Philippines have continued progressing economically even with the drug problem around. But these NPA, MILF, MNLF, ASG, JI, and other terror groups have clearly been preventing progress in the areas where they are present. Shouldn’t Duterte be harsher against them?

And another thing is that, these all happening here in the Philippines while Joma Sison is having a good time taking marijuana and sleeping with prostitutes in the Netherlands, enjoying revolutionary taxes sent by his evil disciples. /Dante Ramirez/

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