Why Duterte Should not Listen to Former President Fidel “Travel Maniac” Ramos

Update: 11/01/2016: Ramos resigned as special envoy yo China (good news)

10/11/2016: Ramos was a travel maniac during his presidency and spent hundreds of million-pesos in his travel spree without progressive result.

In 1992, a newly-elected president confidently predicted Asia’s newest tiger by term’s end. President Ramos promised the people high growth, a per capita income of at least $1000, a level playing field, a more efficient and less corrupt bureaucracy and an end to both IMF tutelage and the boom-bust-growth cycle.

None of these took place and Malacañang was very willing to blame the Asian crisis for the Ramos economy’s shortcomings. The more realistic view was that the Ramos economy, because of its dependence on foreign funds and the value of the dollar, stood on shaky ground from the very beginning.

Since it did not integrate poverty alleviation in the strategy for economic growth it was not designed to address poverty and social inequality. Being anything but sustainable, the Ramos plan for Asian entigerment sputtered before the president could end his term of office.

President Ramos left behind an economy in crisis, a bigger debt, a bankrupt and corrupt government, more Filipinos in poverty, greater poverty. With the Ramos economic project this is as good as it gets. /Maria Teresa Diokno-Pascual, Fidel’s Failed Economy/

If one can name a president that is most corrupt after Ferdinand Marcos, it should be his cousin Fidel Valdez Ramos.

Ramos, during his term did so little to improve the country’s economy. Instead, in 1997 alone, Ramos fulfilled his lifelong dream – to travel the world. He went on his tour spree visiting foreign countries 26 times in 1997 alone – the most of any president in Philippine history.

Ramos also went on to visit 9 countries where this country has no or have little business to deal with – again, the most by a president in recent memory. As per record, Ramos is the only Philippine president who have visited 13 EU countries.

Ramos criticized Duterte’s first 100 days as stated in his column below:

“In the overall assessment by this writer, we find our Team Philippines losing in the first 100 days of Du30’s administration—and losing badly. This is a huge disappointment and let-down to many of us,” Ramos said in the first installment of a two-part column published in the Manila Bulletin on Saturday.

With Ramos’ failure during his presidency, should Duterte listen to him? A big NO.

Ramos, more than Marcos is guilty of Martial Law. He was also the subject of electoral fraud when he defeated Danding Cojuanco and Miriam Defensor-Santiago on 1992 Presidential Elections.

Younger generation may consider Ramos a hero because of his participation in overthrowing his cousin Marcos, but people who knew him and experienced his administration will despise him forever. /Lisa Cadano and Martin Pueblo contributed to this article/facebook-share

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