How Duterte is Helping Thousands of People Make Money Online, and Even Making Some Rich

“Since I started writing about President Duterte two months before the elections, my earnings increased more than 10 times”, blogger Dennis Quijano told

Quijano is just one of more than a thousand bloggers who benefit from writing about Duterte-related topics online.

President Duterte has indirectly helped these online marketers to make more money as the Presdeint’s name become a hot topic online since he assumed office on July 1.

Quijano said he owned three Duterte-related blogs all created through, making it free to operate.

“The highest income I experienced since I started blogging three years ago was last May where I earned more than $5,000 in just one month.”, Quijano said.

When asked how his blogs are making money, the blogger replied, “Advertising networks like Google Adsense, Propellerads,, etc are paying decent amount if your website have a lot of visitors.”

On the same boat, Joenel Lasapin, a third year drop-out student from Occidental Mindoro had to quit his job as Internet Café attendant, to work full time on his two Duterte-related blogs.

“There is money in here. I am enjoying an income which I never imagined to achieve before. Thanks to President Duterte, I was able to finance the repair of our house from my Internet income”, Lasapin said.

There are around three dozens of blogs created especially to promote Duterte-related news and topics, while there are also more than a thousand old local blogs on general topic that writes about Duterte.

Nielsen Philippines estimates that all of these blogs can earn as much as $150,000 every month.

“President Duterte is indirectly helping people online to make money in easy way”, Joseph Lombardi, a Hawaii-based Filipino-American Internet business analyst said.

Lombardi also added that mainstream media businesses who keep on writing negative about Duterte are banking big. /Madel Solomon – OKd2 Contributor/



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