Doctor: Robredo’s Obsession with Bongbong Marcos a Possible Sign of Disorder

Filipino-American physician and psychiatrist Edward Fausto of Asian Hospital and Medical Center commented on Leni Robredo’s obvious obsession with fellow candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, and it did not sound great.

Fausto, a senior member of Philippine Psychiatric Association (PPA) told the 9,000 crowd at University of Sto. Tomas during a psychiatric and psychological symposium on Monday that LP vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo’s obsession with Bongbong Marcos is “very obvious and alarming”.

The topic was discussed during the Q&A portion when a medical student asked the doctor what he thinks about Robredo’s non-stop attack on Marcos’s alleged ill-gotten wealth, crimes committed by Marcos Sr, and other related cases, after the VP debate last week.

Fausto, a dual citizen, but does not vote in the country was quick to respond:

“I think Robredo might be suffering from a certain type of personality disorder, or should I say borderline personality disorder. I think her showing of strong and repeated emotions towards Marcos is a possible sign of BPD”, Fausto said.

Fausto further noted that Robredo’s redundant attack on her fellow candidate is not normal, citing alarming sign of mental disorder.

“I don’t vote here and my opinion does not really count. But based on what I heard and saw during interviews, Robredo is so consistent in bringing the same topic over and over again on different occasions – as if there is no other topic to discuss when  Bongbong’s name is brought-up”, Fausto added.

“I have a number of patients here and in US that suffer the same disorder and it is highly curable. I think Ms. Robredo should try to consider seeing one of us in PPA”, he said.

The doctor added that a loss of Robredo is alarming and she should really see a doctor before the elections to further prepare her mentally from any possible worst scenario. Unlike her opponents, Robredo is the most inexperienced candidate in VP race.

Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte and vice presidential bet Bongbong Marcos topped the poll conducted by UST several days before the debate.

Watch Robredo bringing out her frustration on Bongbong.

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