CIA: North Korea’s Missile Debris to Hit Northern Philippines


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The UN Security Council headed by the United States, South Korea, and Japan called for an emergency meeting after North Korea launched a missile into orbit at 9:00AM Sunday, local time.

Carrier rocket Kwangmyongsong-4 blasted off from the Sohae Space Center at 9 a.m Sunday local time, state news agency KCNA confirmed.

The satellite entered orbit nine minutes and 46 seconds after the liftoff, an operation “great leader Kim Jung Un personally ordered and directed,” the TV announcer said.

The United States Central Intelligence Agency analyzed the trajectory and it said the debris could put many lives in danger if it falls over populated area somewhere between Southern Japan, Taiwan, and Northern Philippines. The Philippines it said has the highest probability to get hit.

Japan’s analysis of the launch indicated parts the rocket fell into four locations offshore after takeoff, the Japanese Prime Minister’s office said Sunday via Twitter.

One location is 150 kilometers west of the Korean peninsula in the Yellow Sea, two other locations are southwest of the Korean peninsula in the East China Sea and a fourth location is about 2,000 kilometers south of Japan in the Pacific Ocean, according to the Prime Minister’s office. The last location is near the tip of Luzon according to the report submitted by the CIA to Security Council.

The sudden missile launch angered most of North Korea’s neighbors, especially Japan, South Korea, United States, and even its ally China.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines is now monitoring the area where the debris are expected to fall. Since the Philippine Military has no radar to monitor the debris, it rely on Japanese Military’s report.

President Aquino has ordered residence in some provinces in Northern Luzon to minimize going outside and advised people to stay inside their homes until news about the falling debris are cleared.


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