China: Trillanes a Natural Ally, Can Hide in China if Duterte Wins

China is closely monitoring the Philippine Elections as the next president could be critical to the situation in the West Philippine Sea.

While Sen. Trillanes continues to throw anything on presidential and leading bet Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte, China is holding its breath until the Election Day.

Trillanes is believed to have a hidden agenda with China, as the old video of senate hearing again making rounds online.

On the following video, Sen. Enrile is doing a close examination on Sen. Trillanes over his “unexplained” trips to China.

On Friday, during a Chinese council meeting, as reported by local Chinese newspaper in Guangdong Province, council member and diplomat Xi Jing Jibau quoted, “Sen. Trillanes is our natural ally. He can go to China and seek help if his political opponents win. China will accept him with open hands”.

The report said, Jibau comment gathered a unanimous approval among council members. Jibau is a respected diplomat and former ambassador to Transylvania.

Enrille accused Trillanes of doing under-the-table with China earlier.

Supporters of Mayor Duterte who are in China and first to hear the news were outraged, calling Trillanes a “natural traitor”. /Liza Masa-Kerr/


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