Ambitious Cayetano Dreamed of Becoming a President, Failed to become Vice, Dreams of Becoming a Senate President

One of the reasons why Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano failed miserably, despite joining the Duterte bandwagon, is his arrogance and cockiness.

Cayetano, after failing to run a president, joined Duterte hoping to win the second highest political position in the Philippines, but failed miserably behind the controversial winner, Leni Robredo, and Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Before Cayetano joined Duterte, he reiterated that he wanted to become the next Philippine president, as shown on the following video. His arrogance paid the price. Watch how the boastful Cayetano speaks.

After Cayetano lost as vice president, there are rumors that he wanted to become a Senate President, but all his dreams were thrown into oblivion when Sen. Koko Pimentel is favored over him. It seems none of his fellow senators wanted to be under him.

Watch the video below and see how Cayetano is gunning another position, which even his fellow senators think he doesn’t deserve.

Election is over, and like Robredo, Duterte should not give any position for this “balimbing” senator who, in the future, might give the president a serious problem.


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