Breaking News: Duterte Had 21M Votes, Bongbong Won – Leaked Info after Bautista Visits Duterte

Ramon Tulfo’s column on the Philippine Daily Inquirer says it all. Read the following article from Inquirer.

Rumors within the Comelec – By Ramon Tulfo

My sources in Malacañang say Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chair Andy Bautista visited the Palace recently and talked with President Digong.

What did Bautista want from the President since the elections are over and done with?


Did the conversation Bautista have with the President touch on rumors—allegedly spread by disgruntled Comelec insiders—that candidate Rodrigo Duterte garnered 21 million votes instead of 16 million?

Yes, the rumors are no longer important or worth discussing since Digong won anyway.

But they should not be disregarded for the sake of clean and honest elections in the future.

If the rumors that Digong got 21 million votes, instead of 16 million, have a grain of truth, then Bongbong Marcos probably won the vice presidency instead of Leni Robredo.

What about another rumor—still coming from inside the Comelec—that Bautista wants out as Comelec chair and is seeking another government post?

If this is true, was it taken up during Bautista’s secret and recent visit to the Palace?

A poster in one of the government offices I once visited reads:

Rules of the house.

Rule No. 1: The Boss is always right.

Rule No. 2: When in doubt, (whether he is right or wrong) refer to Rule No. 1.

Tulfo has been known of providing facts from his reliable sources. If the rumor is true and Bautista is willing to compromise in exchange of another government position, then Robredo is in great deal of trouble

If irregularities on the past election will be proven true, the senatorial result is another thing to be examined.

13th placer Tolentino still has a pending petition against de Lima, and Bongbong Marco’s protest is still on the table.

Can Robredo survive? /Margie Rapiz/

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