Bayan Leftist Group not Happy with Duterte, to Boycott Proclamation Rally?

The spokesperson of presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte fired shots against leftist groups in the country for criticizing the incoming president’s economic agenda.

“A mistake not corrected becomes an error. A mistake may not be intentional, but to commit the same could be fatal. Leftist groups have rejected the hands of friendship and cooperation by the incoming Duterte administration by mouthing their usual criticism of others but not undertaking their own criticism, self-criticism,” Peter Laviña said in a post in his Facebook account on Sunday morning.

Laviña also mentioned the “mistakes” made by the Left in the past elections, hinting that the mainstream Left in Manila allied with Duterte’s rival Grace Poe.

“They did it in 1985 and did it again in the 2016 election. They boycotted the election in 1986 and went with another candidate 30 years later. For groups that claim that they are patriotic, nationalist and anti-imperialist, many were aghast in their decision to go with someone who abandoned our country and once pledged allegiance to the US,” Laviña said.

“In their desire to push one of their national officials to be senator, they rush to a hasty decision, rejecting calls to wait for the maturing of the political situation before deciding. Having done these mistakes, they want to continue with their old ways of critiquing, critiquing, and critiquing. I am truly sorry for these leftist groups which will be left out in the march of history with their dogma and belligerent styles and methods of work,” Laviña added.

Earlier, Bayan secretary general Renato Reyes said in a statement that the proposed economic roadmap of the Duterte camp would worsen the conditions of ordinary people, most especially in the marginalized sectors.

News from the leftist group camp says they are allegedly preparing to wage war against Duterte by boycotting his proclamation rally more than a month from now.

National Democratic Front founder and former Duterte’s professor, Jose maria Sison rejected the accusation and said Bayan wants to join hand with Duterte. /Nica Alajar – Cebu City/


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