Analyst: Duterte’s “Extraordinary” Closeness to Bongbong Means Six Years or Less of Robredo’s Misery

Despite Vice President Leni Robredo’s claim that Duterte was kind to her during their recent meeting, political analyst and law professor Jaime Mongcal believes the meeting was just a “Duterte Show”.

In an interview by Pinoy Observer, Mongcal said Duterte will not be easily swayed by Robredo, citing previous election anomaly where Liberal Party was accused of cheating. Robredo is a member and official candidate of LP under losing candidate Mar Roxas. Marcos, a close friend of Duterte lost to Robredo in the recent “questionable” elections.

“I think the president is just waiting for 2017 to give a special cabinet position to Bongbong Marcos. This maybe the reason why he said he will not give any cabinet position to Robredo. Whether Marco’s petition will be successful or not, Robredo will surely live in misery during her vice presidency”, Mongcal said.

He also added that the Liberal Party, especially the former president Benigno Aquino III has failed miserably by selecting Robredo as their vice president.

“If Marcos wins in his recount request, it means it will also the total ending of the Liberal Party even if they have the majority in congress and senate. You know, Filipino politicians can jump from one party to another with ease,” Mongcal said.

“We all know that people don’t like Robredo. You can hear it in social media, on the streets, in coffee shops, in barber shops, in any other places around the country every day. For Leni, it will be a big burden for her to do her duty when she doesn’t have the peoples’ confidence”, Mongcal added.

When asked what Robredo should do, Mongcal simply said, “If I were her, I will voluntarily step down to save my face”. /Bryan De Castro/



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